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How to Vote By Mail

In order to vote in the September 1st election, you need to: ​

  1. Complete a Vote by Mail Application.

    1. Every registered voter will receive a ballot application in the mail by the first week of October.

    2. If you moved since you last registered, update your registration at, and your local elections department will send you acknowledgment of registration and a ballot application.

    3. If you don’t get an application in the mail or want to request a mail ballot online, you can do so HERE.

  2. Deliver your application to your local election office by October 28.

  3. Vote when your ballot arrives.

  4. Return your ballot by November 3rd by mail, a dropbox, or at a polling location.  Your ballot must be sent by Election Day, but we encourage you to use dropboxes or put it in the mail at least 10 days before. 

We highly encourage voters to make use of their municipalities' secure dropbox for returning ballots. Locate yours here.

And track your ballot! If your ballot has not been processed, you may still decide to go vote in person. 

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