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Make your voice heard this fall

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, but we won't let the pandemic prevent you from casting your ballot. Your vote matters. Register, prepare, and vote! 



It can take less than 10 minutes to register to vote online.


Fill out your vote-by-mail application to receive a ballot at home


Voting in Person

Know what to expect if you choose to vote at your polling location

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Have questions? You're not alone, find answers to the most common queries 

Key Dates

Primary Election

  • State mails ballot application to registered voters: July 15

  • Deadline to register for the September primary: August 22

  • Early voting in person for September primary: August 22-28

  • Deadline to apply for a mail ballot for September primary: August  26

  • State primary election: September 1


General Election

  • A second mailing of ballot applications for the General Election: September 14

  • Deadline to Register to Vote for the General Election: October 24

  • Early Voting in person: October 19 - 30

  • Deadline to apply for a mail ballot for the General Election: October 28

  • General Election: November 3

Not sure where to start? Have an issue?

We're here to help! Let us know what you're having an issue with and an advocate from the Safe Elections Network will reach out.

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